Özgür Engüzel
About Fotockholm

Fotockholm is a business run by photographer Özgur Engüzel. The company is FA-tax registered.
As a versatile, innovative photographer who has built his business around clients` needs and aspirations, I use creative and novel approaches leading to original photographic solutions. My previous experience and knowledge have taught me to capture the important details while representing strong emotions. I focus on documenting your loving moment in the most comprehensive way possible.
Spontaneous situations and joyful moments are my specialty, helping you to remember these unforgettable moments for a lifetime! I also have an eye for creating perfect memories of your wedding day. My ultimate goal is that each new photograph will be the best I`ve ever taken.
In order to capture the best photographs possible I use Canon EOS digital camera equipment, which stands for quality, speed and great development opportunities. In addition, I get inspired by talking and meeting regularly with other Swedish photographers. American wedding photographers are also among my influences. I stay up to date with industry changes in order to continuously improve myself, my skills, and offer my clients the most diverse options for their photographic experience.

I complete my work in close collaboration with my clients, am flexible to find a customized and tailored end product and deliver high quality service. I am resilient, service-minded, helpful and an ethical
photographer. I minimize my administration to only the necessary.
In my spare time I enjoy shooting street scenes, experimenting with macro, capturing landscapes and children at play, doing portraits, model photography and renewing my appreciation for nature through
photography. In my day job, I work for clean air solutions provider Camfil Farr in Trosa.
These pages are continuously updated! Don’t hesitate to contact me for ideas and prices!

Kind Regards
Özgür Engüzel